Who We Are:

We are a men's group which was founded on October 5, 1998. Our mission is "Enabling Men to Grow in Intimacy with Christ so they can be the Spiritual Leaders in their Homes, Businesses and Church".

Where We Meet

Although we are not all members of Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, we currently meet in their Fellowship Hall. The church is located at 955 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta. About a half mile south of where Roswell Road intersects with Johnson Ferry Rd. To enter the Fellowship Hall, go in the door on the lower level closest to Johnson Ferry Rd on the North side of the building. Walk to the rear of the building where you will see some men looking to meet you.

When We Meet

We meet on Monday Morning, from 6:30 until 8:00. We begin with a "breakfast" of coffee, donuts, and bagels. Then a brief period of announcements is followed by a Bible based devotional that challenges us in our daily walk. By shortly after 7, we are at our tables where a table leader leads a discussion on a topic of choice by the table. Could be a book, could be a topic, could be a Bible verse or chapter. And whatever is planned is subject to change by the needs of the men around the table.


New Study at Austin Baker's Table:

“Beginning August 8, 2016, we will be going through Wayne Grudem’s Systematic Theology. The purpose is to sharpen our understanding of who God is and how he would have us live in the world according to the Bible. The table is open to all ages. The chapters in the book are independent of each other, anyone can jump in at any time..”

The time slot will be 6am – 7: 15am, starting 8/8/2016.

Please come join us for a great discussion.

Let me know if you have further questions.

Austin Baker

Minister of Guest and New Member Care

Johnson Ferry Baptist Church