Table Information

We sit in table arrangements. You are free to choose which ever table interest you, or you may rotate among several until you find one that matches your style and interest. To aid you in making a selection, look at the table below to find some information on what current tables exist and what they are studying.

Remember that the goal of this organization is to help you learn to be a better Biblical leader in your family, your business and your church. So the current study, and all others, will be selected by the table leaders and the table members to help reach this goal. And the most important part may in fact be learning to share with, and pray with and for, other members of your table.

 Table Leader   Co-Leader Current Study 
 1  Mike Anderson Glen Monroe       
 Growing Older and Wiser, a LifeGuide Bible Study by Dale and Sandy Larsen. 

 2  John Britton
 John Herzer
Discovering the Power of Christ's Miracles by Charles Spurgeon
 3  Austin Baker
Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem.

The purpose is to sharpen our understanding of who God is and how He would have us live in the world according to the Bible.
 4  David Wellons Bob JoseyFour week study of the Book of Jude taught by Bob Josey beginning November 2, 2020.
 5  Terry Lee
John Galt
Book of Isaiah
 6  Chip Doster
  Study of Heaven and study of Hell

Utilizing Bible + authors including Randy Alcorn and Francis Chan
 7  John Gary

Study of Heaven utilizing DVD series by Randy Allcorn

 8 Ray Hughes  Buddy Holcombe Book of Matthew


Note:  Each study of a book is grounded in scriptures from the Bible.